Future of Fife town on show

The Buckhaven Beehive is hosting the event. (Pic: Walter Neilson)
The Buckhaven Beehive is hosting the event. (Pic: Walter Neilson)

Residents of Buckhaven have shared their views about the future of the town.

A presentation is being held today (Wednesday) showing the results of a community-led charette which sought locals’ opinions about the current state of the town and what they would like to see change.

More than 100 people shared their likes, dislikes and hopes for the foreshore and town centre areas of the town.

Many of those who took part felt the foreshore was currently underused, with almost half saying they would like to see a picnic area and gym equipment installed, and more paths.

Within the town centre, people were pleased with the selection of shops and green spaces, but felt Randolph Street has been neglected and has become run down.

It was felt there is a need to improve the look of the area, with more flowers, shrubs and trees planted, and more done to tackle the eyesores. More than half also wanted to see better access to the waterfront from the town centre.

Following the final feedback event this afternoon, the results are being used to develop a masterplan, which will create steps to achieving the goals.

Allen Armstrong, secretary of CLEAR Buckhaven, which ran the charette, described the consultation as a “once in a lifetime chance to shape the future of Buckhaven” and added: “This is providing a platform for the improvement of the town.”

“People are aware they live in a town that has great assets and potential.

“We believe Buckhaven is a neglected gem. It has potential and this is a step towards reaching that.”

The feedback event is taking place today (Wednesday) from 2-8pm at Buckhaven Beehive.