G-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d morning, Kirkcaldy!

John Murray (centre) in the new office with Ian Ogilvie and Colin Johnston.
John Murray (centre) in the new office with Ian Ogilvie and Colin Johnston.

Kirkcaldy’s brand new community radio station has been given a frequency to broadcast from - and now has a new name.

KYFM is now K107FM and, after making the name changes to its website and email address shortly, hopes to be transmitting by the end of the year.

John Murray, chair of the not-for-profit venture, says that now the frequency has been finalised the behind the scenes work will be stepped up.

He said: “We’ve been working hard with our fundraising drive and getting the studio up to spec and ready to go. So to that effect we must have spent in the region of £1400.

“We’ve had funding from Fife Council Common Good Fund, Awards For All, Fife Charities Trust, Fife Council Community Organisation grant, Foundation Scotland and the Co-operative Community Fund.

“They have all helped because obviously we’re not earning money. We’re run by volunteers and registered as a charity so we need to get funds from as many sources as possible.

“Getting the software altogether – which will give you an idea of where the money goes – cost around £5000 alone.”

The next step for the station is to enlist volunteers, which John says are needed in lots of areas.

He said: “We need people to help in admin, technical, broadcast and in lots of other ways - basically everything that’s needed to run a station.

“The very nature of a community radio station is that we want to talk about local events and liaise with other charitable and non-profit making organisations as well as promoting local businesses.

“We are 100 per cent Kirkcaldy so we’re completely biased towards the town.”

Treasurer Colin Johnston says that the station’s programme schedule will cover a wide range of activities within Kirkcaldy.

“I’ve had meetings with kids at Kirkcaldy High School who are going to produce a school programme which will probably go out once a week.

“The main Monday to Friday schedule will be music and information.

‘‘Weekends and evenings will be more specialist programmes – maybe someone playing blues or someone playing big band music.

“There’ll be an opportunity for new bands to come in and play and talk to us, getting their name out there.

“We’d also like to be able to put on foreign language programmes for the likes of Chinese, Asian or Polish residents within the town or any other nationalities. What we’re saying is we’re here, it’s a community radio station and it’s for the community to use.”

>> If you would like to volunteer email kyfmradio@gmail.com or visit the website kyfm.co.uk.