Galloway delivers a big ‘naw’ at Glenrothes event

George Galloway backstage at Rothes Halls. Pic: Walter Neilson
George Galloway backstage at Rothes Halls. Pic: Walter Neilson

Firebrand politician George Galloway was in Glenrothes on Monday evening generating debate and dividing opinion ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

Around 350 people attended the evening at Rothes Halls to hear both Galloway and former Labour MP Brian Wilson passionately debate against the SNP’s call for Scotland to become an independent country when people decide on September 18.

He claimed SNP to be comparable to UKIP and attacked Alex Salmond’s claim that following a yes vote corporation tax would be be cut by three per cent, leaving the most stinging attack on Brian Souter, Stagecoach boss and key financial backer of the Yes Campaign.

Regarding the break up of the Union he said:” There is no reason to get divorced, there needs to be a reason, there isn’t one, I’ve been divorced, be careful what you wish for.”

Mr Galloway touched on a number of key issues including sovereignty, the scrapping of trident, membership of NATO and the European Union as well as the possibility of retaining the pound.

The duo had 45 minutes of questions from the audience before ending with a thank you for such a positive attendance proving politics and public debate was alive and well despite apathy at the ballot box in recent times.