GAMA’s rich take on ‘Fiddler’

A scene from GAMA's 'Fiddler On The Roof'.
A scene from GAMA's 'Fiddler On The Roof'.

MOST of us have seen many productions of ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ – some wonderful, some not - so how does this Glenrothes Amateur Musical Association presentation of the classic show rate?

In my opinion, it ranks with the very best!

It’s difficult to stay true to the spirit of the show and be innovative, but Ewan Campbell (director), Gillian Haycock (musical director) and Elaine Jones (choreographer) succeed in doing both. With ‘special effects’ and a glorious sound from “Tradition” to the achingly beautiful “Anatevka”, quality is written all over this production.

With the focus on Tevye, ‘Fiddler’ is often regarded as a one-man show, but it features other wonderfully written and performed characters and GAMA’s strength has always been in those smaller roles.

This year is no different. Alastair Campbell brings a rarely seen fatherly sensitivity to the role of Tevye and, the more the show goes on, the more he convinces us that this is how it should be portrayed.

The perfect foil for Tevye is his wife, Golde. Claire Owens plays this to perfection. Their interaction throughout is inspired, especially in “Do You Love Me?”

As Tevye’s daughters, Claire Mackinlay brings passion and sensitivity to the role of Tzeitel while Hodel, played by Gillian Hewitt is sweet but strong.

Jillian Spence is an emotionally complex Chava. It’s difficult to imagine any of these roles played better. Motel, the tailor, is brilliantly portrayed by Jon Brown while, Ewan Campbell puts in a stalwart performance as Perchik. Ian Birse brings depth to the role of Fyedka.

Alan Blair, who amazed audiences with his performance in ‘The Producers’ last year, is Lazar Wolf, the butcher and once again shows his talent for “living the part”. The same must be said of Cathy Palmer as Yente, the matchmaker.

A multi-talented cast along with a strong supporting company see months of effort pay off handsomely. With hits like “If I Were A Rich Man”, “Matchmaker”, “Sunrise, Sunset”, and an Oscar winning score, this is a show not to be missed.

“Fiddler On The Roof” runs at the Rothes Halls until Saturday.

Cast: Tevye, the Milkman - Alastair Campbell; Golde, his Wife - Claire Owens; Tzeitel - Claire Mackinlay; Hodel - Gillian Hewitt; Chava - Jillian Spence; Sphrintze -Ashleigh Butchart & Jennifer Alexander-Young; Bielke - Eilidh Mackinlay & Terri Morrison; 1st Boy - Aidan Kirkwood; 2nd Boy - Matthew Hutton; Yente, the Matchmaker - Cathy Palmer; Motel, the Tailor - Jon Brown; Perchik, the Student - Ewan Campbell; Lazar Wolf, the Butcher - Alan Blair; Mordcha, the Innkeeper - Gordon Taylor; Rabbi - Gerry Duffy; Mendel, his Son - Greg Sives; Avram, the Bookseller - Alan Woolley; Nachum, the Beggar - Martin Steele; Grandma-Tzeitel - Diane White; Fruma-Sarah - Lynda Lawson; Constable - Craig Spence; Fyedka - Ian Birse; Russian Tenor - John Wilson; The Fiddler - Lorraine King; Villagers and Russians - Rhona Bain, Cathie Brannigan, Liz Browne, Fiona Butchart, Nancy Butler, Margaret Dalgleish, Sandra Davies, Aimee Dinsdale, Mharie Dinsdale, Elaine Forrester, Susan Gibbs, Jillian Graham, Jemma Guild, Maureen Harley, Margaret Hunter, Margo McKay, Catherine Mullan, Michelle Neil, Jan Nolan, Abbie Phillips, Margaret Reid, Karen Richards, Fay Robertson, Mahri Smith, Sarah Strachan, Katie Turner, Dorothy Woolley, Lorna Young, Keith Breasley, Andrew Butchart, Martin Butler, Roger Kershaw, Scott Melvin, Danny Mullan, Robert Sinclair, & Simon Young.