Game’s a bogey after golfer’s trolley goes off . .

the game was a bogey quite literally for a St Andrews golfer this week when his trolley ran away.

The alarm was raised on the town’s New Course when it appeared as if an opportunist thief may have been operating in the area.

As his tee off time approached, the golfer popped into the starter’s box to make sure he was all set for his round on the New.

However, on leaving the box, he was stunned to discover that his top-of-the-range clubs and expensive golf trolley had completely vanished.

When a quick scan of the area revealed no clue as to what had happened, Fife Police were called in as it looked very much like a crime had been committed.

Thankfully, by the time the police arrived the mystery had been solved.

No theft had taken place after all and one very embarrassed golfer had learned that - if you are going to use an electric-powered golf trolley - make sure you switch it off before going in the starter’s box.

Otherwise, you might find yourself fishing your golf clubs out the bushes on a regular basis . . !