‘Gang’ of gulls attack teen for snack in Kirkcaldy High Street

Carol Stuart with daughter Rebecca Harrison
Carol Stuart with daughter Rebecca Harrison

A KIRKCALDY woman has told of her shock after her daughter was attacked by three seagulls trying to get her hot snack.

Rebecca Harrison, (13), had just got a steak bake from Greggs on Kirkcaldy’s High Street and was preparing to eat it outside the shop, when the birds swooped.

One landed on her, one hovered in front ... and a third stole the food!

The attack - the latest in a number of reported incidents involving the scavenging gulls - gave all a huge fright.

Carol Stuart, Rebecca’s mum, said: “She was just attacked because she had a steak bake.

“I tried to wave the seagulls away from her - they were huge. It was pretty scary.

“Rebecca had to put the steak bake on the ground, and they took it and flew off.

“It happened right at the bottom of Kirk Wynd, which I think is a busy spot for them.”

Carol believes that seagull attacks are becoming more common in the town.


“In the past they just flew about and didn’t attack people, but it is happening a lot now. People have stopped eating out in the street in case they are attacked.

“I phoned the Council but it said there is nothing it can do.”

Elaine Devine, service manager, said: “Some gulls have learnt to associate people with food and will swoop to try to steal whatever it is that is being eaten. This can be frightening, especially where children are involved.

“Current legislation does allow owners of property to take action against nesting gulls where they are causing problems impacting on public safety, and this can include egg and nest removal.

Food plea

“It is important that the public does not feed gulls and we have erected signs in certain areas to highlight the problems they can cause. ‘‘