Garages come down to solve Greenloanings parking problem

Members of the Tenants and Residents Association at the new car parking area.
Members of the Tenants and Residents Association at the new car parking area.

Residents in Greenloanings in Kirkcaldy have welcomed a simple solution to a parking problem in the area around their homes.

After highlighting the issue to their local councillors, Fife Council stepped in and a decision was taken to knock down a row of garages, which were not being used by the owners, to make way for extra parking spaces.

And the householders were celebrating this week when the completed new parking in their cul-de-sac was unveiled. The site formerly had six lock-up garages most of which were unused.

Dallas Drive Tenants and Residents Association responded to their members approach and through working with Fife Council neighbourhood officer Rab Clark and local councillor Neil Crooks the work was completed to more than double the available spaces.

Councillor Crooks said: “Lack of available parking in our ward is an issue which we have been trying to improve since 2007. Using our local ward budgets we have responded to local people’s suggestions for more parking spaces in Redcraigs, Craigmount, St Kilda Crescent, Cumbrae Court, and West Torbain to name but a few.

“This particular site at Greenloanings was raised by local residents at the Association meeting and I am delighted to see the end result.”

Sharon Reynolds, chairman of Dallas Drive Tenants and Residents Association, added: “We are all delighted with the finished result which has provided around 15 parking spaces for use by residents and visitors.

“It has been a very successful project from when we first raised the problem at one of our meetings to working with the council and now seeing it all finished and being well used.”