Garden wall collapse shocks homeowner

The Leslie wall collapsed
The Leslie wall collapsed

A reitred teacher is counting the cost of his garden wall mysteriously collapsing, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Mr Hood woke to find the garden wall of his home on Leslie High Street lying in the adjacent Back Braes, with no obvious reason for its collapse.

Mr Hood was still surprised at the demise of his back wall.

He said: “It happened on Thursday night. I don’t know how it happened.

“I had looked at the wall a few months ago and it didn’t look as if there was anything wrong with it.

“I’m getting a guy to come and look at it today. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility, unfortunately for me.

“It could be quite costly. It wont be pennies, that’s for sure, more likely thousands.”

Mr Hood tried to think of an explanation for this incident, pointing out similar problems with other properties close by.

He said: “Their tends to be a lot of water plains down the Back Braes. It was re-aligned in the nineties.

“If you walk along the Back Braes you can see quite a few walls patched up. A lot of patching up at the Douglas Road end.

“It’s probably just the age of it.

“As far as I know the council wont do anything about it. I don’t know who to approach about the water in the Back Braes.”

New Leslie Community Council chair John Wincott would like to have a meeting with Fife Council to get to the bottom of this problem.

He said: “I’m concerned that there seems to be more of this type of damage occurring throughout the village.

“I want to arrange a meeting with Fife Council about this.

“People have come to me complaining about damage done to buildings in Leslie by the quarry blasting, but I would be worried if somewhere so far away was damaged by the quarry, but it’s difficult to say.

“It doesn’t look like this has been caused by just subsidence. And I would be really surprised if it is a result of blasting.

“But I would definitely like to speak to the council about this.”