Gavin does five half marathons in three weeks!

Gavin after completing the Aberfeldy half marathon
Gavin after completing the Aberfeldy half marathon

Caring Gavin Simpson is taking a well-earned rest this week after completing his fifth half-marathon in just three weeks!

The office administrator completed the arduous challenge on Sunday when he finished the Dumfries half marathon, his second in the one weekend, raising around £1500 in sponsorship.

Gavin (35), who lives in South Parks, Glenrothes, decided to push himself to raise money towards the cost of building an inclusive playpark for use by children with various disabilities at the Links in Burntisland.

Plans have already been drawn up to install a range of play equipment suitable for children with special needs as part of the play area which is already on the Links, allowing children to integrate with their peers.

Gavin was spurred into doing the series of half marathons for his former partner Claire Masterton’s daughter Megan (6).

Claire, who lives in Burntisland is one of the main instigators of the playpark plans after contacting local councillor George Kay to see if anything could be done.

Gavin explained: “Megan loves going to the park but most of the play equipment they have there she can’t use. When Claire told me of the plans to expand the park to include this new equipment, I decided this would be a good cause to run for.

“It was tough as I had never done two in one weekend before, but it was worthwhile.”