Gazette praise as search for Allan goes on

The father of missing Allan Bryant have praised the Gazette for its support of his family as the search continues as to his whereabouts.

In a video posted online Allan Bryant Snr thanked the newspaper for continuing to keep the search in the public eye and vowed to never give up the search for his son.

The comments come after Police met to update community leaders and supporters of the Bryant family on their progress.

Councillors for the Glenrothes West – Peter Grant, Betty Campbell and Altany Craik – were also present.

The briefing comes 11 weeks after the 24-year-old was last seen after leaving a Styx Nightclub, Caskieberran Rd just after 2.00 a.m. on Sunday, November 3.

Since then, police have conducted one of the most wide-ranging and extensive missing persons operations ever undertaken in Fife with help specialist underwater search teams and the support of a police helicopter.

Glenrothes Community Inspector, Derek Paxton, said: “As well as hundreds of enquiries to trace potential witnesses, extensive searches in the Glenrothes area have been completed by specialist search officers working from where Allan was last seen.

C I Paxton also said the investigation would continue to be assisted by underwater search teams and an air support unit helicopter.

“Detailed searches at a 
increasing distance from 
Styx nightclub are continuing and I would repeat to residents to again check sheds and 
outbuildings, in case anything has changed that may be of significance to our ongoing investigations as to the whereabouts of Allan,” he 

“From our meeting with 
Allan’s family and friends, their frustration and anxiety remains all too apparent in not knowing where he is.”