General Election: SNP hold Glenrothes

Peter Grant. Picture: George McLuskie
Peter Grant. Picture: George McLuskie

The SNP have held on to the Glenrothes seat, as Peter Grant gets set to return to Westminster.

He won with 17,291 votes, beating Labour’s Altany Craik who had 14,024.

The Glenrothes Candidates

The Glenrothes Candidates

Andrew Brown of the Tories had 7876, while Rebecca Bell of the Lib Dems had 1208.

Mr Grant said the election “should never have been called”.

He said: “For the SNP to have won the General Election in Fife is an incredible achievement in very difficult circumstances.

“My pledge to every single person in my constituency is that I will represent you to the best of my ability for the next five years .

“This election should never have been called. There are some indications that the Prime Minister who called an unessary and divisive election purely for her own personal purposes has found that it has been a catastrophic mistake.

“This election was not called in the interests of Scotland but for the narrow interests of the Conservative party.

“Let’s not forget that the indications are that the SNP have won in Scotland - that will make it the forth consecutive national election that the SNP have won.

“When everyone was told that if the SNP win its a vote for an independence referendum the people have told us tonight that they wan us to hold the Conservatives to account.

“This is a message saying we want to give the SNP a voice in the Brexit negotiations over the next two years.

Turnout for the seat has been announced at 60.9 percent, down from 68.2 percent in 2015.

Altany Craik said: “It’s disappointing, but to take a 15,000 and cut it to 3000 in a four-week campaign - if we had another month, who knows where we would have been.

”The tide has definitely turned. How far it’s turned, and how quickly it’s turned is the only thing we were measuring tonight.”

More to follow.