Georgia lives on with the debut novel she never saw published

Aileen Young with a copy of the book.
Aileen Young with a copy of the book.
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A heartbroken mum who lost her daughter to cancer is keeping her memory alive by promoting the book she never lived to see published.

Georgia Paton was on the cusp of a successful writing career when she died aged just 46 in December 2011, leaving three young sons.

She had just completed her debut novel, ‘The Witching Stone’ , but became ill with lymphoma before it could be published.

Her mum, Aileen Young, nursed her daughter for 18 months and after her death decided that the book was too good to be left lying in a drawer .

She had it published and now it’s on sale in a number of outlets throughout north east Fife, including Courtyard Books in Cupar and Waterstones in St Andrews.

A donation from its sales will go to the charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Georgia, a former pupil of Buckhaven High School, didn’t take up writing until later in life. She and her family were living in Chile when she finished ‘The Witching Stone’, an action-packed fantasy tale that’s aimed at children aged nine to 12 but equally enjoyable for adults.

It tells the tale of three children who find themselves going back in time and features many local Fife places, including Largo Law.

In 2007, Georgia and her family got the chance to move to Germany, which meant they were much closer to home than ever before.

“I think when she was home, amongst familiar things, it reminded her of what she did while she was younger and the places they went to, and she got inspired”, said Aileen.

“She got a lot of pleasure out of it, and told me that she was never happier than when she was writing. And she didn’t find it difficult to do, it just seemed to roll off the end of her pen.”

After two years in Germany, the family travelled to Chile where Georgia did most of her writing and within 12 months of finishing the manuscript, it had been short-listed for three UK awards, including the Kelpie Book Prize.

‘The Witching Stone’ is also available at