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Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy
Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy
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STAFF at Adam Smith College have been urged to speak up as an investigation into its running reaches the halfway stage.

A team from the Scottish Fuinding Council is looking into claims of a bullying culture - and are likely to be on campus for two more weeks.

The EIS said this week there had been “a healthy uptake” of the offer to listen to staff who had any concerns.

It is understood dozens have contacted an HR helpline for an appointment to speak on various issues.

This week, Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance, whose intervention with Mike Russell, Scottish Government Education Secretary, prompted the investigation, said students and staff were already reporting “a huge change in the atmosphere’’ at the college.

He said: “People have been coming into my office and saying that things are already a lot better and more relaxed and thanking me for calling for this investigation.

“I would still urge all members of staff or students who have concerns to approach the Funding Council so they can be taken into consideration.”

While the investigation goes on, Dr Craig Thomson, principal and executive directors Linda Thomson, Christine Sinclair, and Sandra Rhodes, have all taken a leave of absence.

“Staff have been able to go to the Funding Council and give full and frank accounts of what has been going on from their point of view, They say that has made a tremendous difference,” said Mr Torrance.

“I look forward to the final report - and the quicker this process is over and done with and the recommendations brought forward the better.

“I hope the Board of Governors will implement them as quickly as possible so that the college can move forward for the sake of all the staff and students.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Funding Council said: “The review team are on campus and it would be inappropriate to comment on the content of their investigation until it is complete which is expected to be in around two weeks’ time.

A spokesman for the college’s PR company, Halogen, added: “We would hope for an interim report towards the end of next week. The situation regarding staff (on leave) will be then reviewed.’’