Get off your bike in Leven’s High Street

Traffic regulation signs in Leven High Street
Traffic regulation signs in Leven High Street
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Cyclists are to be asked to climb off their bicycles and push them along when they reach Leven’s pedestrianised High Street.

The measure is due to be publicised soon by Police Scotland officers in Levenmouth to ease traffic congestion problems and cut accident risks in the town centre area.

Traffic legislation will be enforced

Police Scotland

It follows a recent police reminder that fixed penalty notices would be issued to anyone who breached existing traffic orders on the High Street – principally over vehicles being there daily within the prohibited times of 2pm-5pm.

Before and after Christmas, there had been heightened concern from shopkeepers, shoppers and residents over the number of vehicles in the street during these hours, and the resulting interference to some shop deliveries and an increased risk to pedestrians.

Community PCs Gordon Latto and Lorraine King told an area ward meeting in Leven’s Arden House on Thursday that further efforts would be made to deter cyclists from riding along the High Street by informing them that bikes should be pushed along.

It was hoped to discuss improved signage with Fife Council, so that the regulations would be clearly set and everyone was aware.

Meantime, traffic legislation would be enforced, with fixed penatlies where ncessary.

“The conditions are clear – there should be no traffic on the pedestrianised area of the High Street between 2pm-5 pm daily, including Blue Badge holders,” said the officers.