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THE great ‘Rewards For Schools’ initiative is up and running!

The Kingdom Shopping Centre’s great new campaign will ultimately benefit pupils at schools across the area.

Backed by the Glenrothes Gazette, ‘Rewards For Schools’ is simple:shoppers who spend £10 or more in the centre between now and November 17 will receive a token. They can then place their token into the collection box for the school which they want to win ... and the one with the most tokens will win £1000 cash and the runner-up school £250. It’s as simple as that!

The ‘Rewards for Schools’ theme - appropriately in this Olympic year - is sports. All participating schools will receive a free sports kit, worth £50, which is made up of six different bats and balls. Kingdom Centre marketing administrator Lindsey Methven said: “Tokens are already coming in in large numbers.”

Many of the stores within the centre are pleased to be participating in the promotion, as not only does it help give something extra to their shoppers, but also gives something back to the whole community.

Alana, who works for Shoezone, one of the stores taking part commented; “The Rewards for Schools promotion is extremely popular with customers in our store – it is a fantastic scheme!”

June who also works in the Kingdom shopping centre, for Superdrug, commented; “Our customers are very engaged in the Rewards for Schools promotion, even the staff are joining in!”

Centre manager Robert Winter added:“We are extremely pleased with how our shoppers and our stores have supported the campaign to help the schools. It’s shown such a great community spirit!”

To view a list of participating stores & schools visit: