Getting the hump over bumps in the road ...

Elizabeth Hepburn and councillor Ross Vettraino in Glamis Avenue
Elizabeth Hepburn and councillor Ross Vettraino in Glamis Avenue

Locals in Pitteuchar are calling for the removal of ‘vicious’ and ‘aggressive’ speed humps which are causing people to avoid visiting a Glenrothes shopping complex.

Townsfolk are so disgruntled with the speed calming measures that nearly 400 have signed a petition calling for the humps to be taken away from Glamis Avenue.

The petition is due to be presented to councillors at this morning’s Glenrothes area committee by resident Elizabeth Hepburn.

Mrs Hepburn, who lives in Dunbeath Drive, began circulating the petition at the Glamis Centre shops calling for the traffic calming measures - which were put in place following recent resurfacing work - to be removed.

The 68-year-old told the Gazette: “I was in the butchers talking about how severe the humps are with some of the other customers and it was suggested that I start a petition.

“I thought I would get between 50 and 100 signatures, but I was stunned to have 395 people sign it!”

The speed humps were installed to slow down traffic on the road, which runs next to Pitteuchar East Primary School and the Marigold Nursery. Mrs Hepburn said she does not want to compromise the safety of children, but feels there are other measures which would not impact so heavily.

Local councillors have been instrumental in having one set of speed humps removed from Glamis Avenue and one of them, Ross Vettraino, has also heard residents saying they have been avoiding the Glamis Centre because of the measures.

He said: “Residents were using words like ‘vicious’ and ‘aggressive’ to describe them and have spoken about the impact they are having on cars.” He added that he helped Mrs Hepburn to bring the matter to today’s committee.