Gig guide, as of January 27

Thursday, January 27:

Friday, January 28:

No1Sun are at Kitty’s.

Fantasy are at the Gunner Club.

The Swank are at the Wheatsheaf.

Kim Seymour is at the Man i’the Rock.

The Minders are at O’Connells

Saturday, January 29:

Jill is at Weavers.

Fantasy Trio are at the Gunner Club.

Slipstream are at The Sun, Cupar.

Dazed and Confused are at the Woodside Inn.

Howling Al and the Evil Monkeys are at Eddy’s.

No1Sun are at Craigie Bar, Ballingry.

Bill Anderson is at the Charter Club.

Sunday, January 30:

Slipstream are at Partners, Cowdenbeath.

All Keyed Up are at the Gunner Club.

Eight-piece ska band Pork Pie are at O’Connells.

Stillwater is at the Old 97 Country and Western Club in the Charter Club.

Looking ahead:

Slipstream are at O’Connells on February 4.

Al Hughes and Main Street Blues are at Watts, Cupar as part of Fife Jazz and blues festival on February 4.

Willie Logan is at the Gunner Club on February 4.

The Counterfeit Clash are at the Greenside, Leslie on February 4.

Urangmatang are at the Man i’the Rock on February 4.

Joes Band is at Kitty’s on February 4.

Gamu is at Kitty’s on February 5.

Bare Bones and The Fade are at the Path Tavern on February 5.

Des & the Dingoes are at the Gunner Club on February 5.

Evil Blood are at the Path Tavern, Kirkcaldy, on February 5.

No1Sun are at Eddy’s, Kirkcaldy, on February 6.

Fantasy are at the Gunner Club on February 6.

Slipstream are at the British Legion, Glenrothes on February 11.

No1Sun are at Bowhill Club on February 11.

Crayons, Bwani Junction and Waiting for Jack are at the Greenside, Leslie, on February 12.

The Complete Stone Roses are at PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, on February 12.

No1Sun are at Kelty Club on February 12.

The Kinemas are at the Woodside Inn, Glenrothes on February 12.

Dazed and Confused are at the Dixon Arms on February 13.

Slipstream are at Kitty’s on February 18.

The Mix-Ups are at PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, on February 4.

Ken Mathieson’s Classic Jazz Orchestra are at Lomond Hills Hotel on February 6.

Kings of Killers are at Kitty’s on February 11.

Slipstream are at Kitty’s on February 18.

No1Sun are at Dixon Arms, Glenrothes, on February 19.

Dias Brazil are at Watts Eaterie, Cupar on February 20.

Slipstream are playing at the Help for Heroes charity event at Kitty’s on February 20.

Detroit Social Club are at the Greenside, Leslie, on February 25.

Oasish is at Kitty’s on February 25.

Dodgy are at PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, on February 26.

No1Sun are at Balgonie Bowling Club on February 26.

No1Sun are at Weavers, Kirkcaldy, on February 27.

Buck Rogers are at Kitty’s on February 4.

No1Sun at the Windsor Hotel on March 5.

Cousin Ken’s Nephews are at the Dixon Arms on March 6.

Jimi Hendrix tribute Are You Experienced are at the Greenside, Leslie, on March 11.

Collin Star as Elvis and Johnny Cash at the Dixon Arms on March 12.

Hendrix tribute act Are You Experienced are at the Greenside, Leslie, on March 18.

Slipstream are at the Railway Tavern, Buckhaven on March 19.

Alan McKim, Beautiful By Design and Vetis are at PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, on March 26.

Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club

(Polish Club) – February 3, Rura; 10. Tattie Jam; 17. Broom Bezzums; 24. Frank McLaughlin & Stuart Hardy.

Eddy’s Bar, Kirkcaldy – January 27. A Celebration Of Robert Burns; February 10. Gary Anderson.

Burntisland Sands Hotel – last Monday each month

Burgh Tavern, Leslie - Open Mic night third Thursday each month. Acoustic session Sundays 6 p.m.

Adam Smith Theatre

Box Office (01592) 583302

January 29. Singing I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim; February 3. Stephen Venebales - In The Steps Of Shackleton; 5. Fife Jazz Festival: Red Stripe Band; 12. Craig Hill; 16. Potted Panto; 18. Roblyn Dance Studio: Just Dance! 18-19. An Evening With KADS: Three One-Act Plays; 24-26. Return To The Forbidden Planet; March 3-5. The Gondoliers; 11. Horse; 12. Suitcase Circus; 17-19. The Naked Truth; 20. Kirkcaldy Orchestral Society: Spring Connections; 30-31. Dunnikier School: Oklahoma Jnr, April 2. Rodgers & Hammerstein The Story With Peter Morrison; 5. Srishti Nina Rajarani Dance Creations; 7-10. The Singing Ketltle: Funny Farm.

Rothes Halls

Box Office (01592) 611101

February 10. One Night Of Queen; 11. Leslie Amateur Dramatic Group; 16. Ben E. King: The Great American Soul Book; 18. Circus Of Horrors; 24-26. GAMA: Youth: Wizard Of Oz; March 3. Steve Williams; 4. Steve Harley; 26. Glenrothes Choral Society; 11. Roddy Woomble; 12. Sarah Hendry Highland Dance Show; 16-19. Black Watch; 26. Glenrothes Choral Society; April 1. Jimmie MacGregor; 4. Lapin Wants Breakfast; 6. The Last Miner; 8. The Lost Sock Princess; 9. Back For Good; 15. Magic Of Motown; 21. Joe Longthorne; May 4. Catherine Wheels; 5. One-Man Star Wars Trilogy; 7. North Sea Gas; 13. Ladies Of Country; 14. The Bon Jovi Experience.

Carnegie Hall

Box Office (01383) 602302

February 4. Fife Jazz Festival: Songs For Swinging Lovers; 5. Fife Jazz Festival: Courteny Pine; 9-12. Carnegie Youth Theatre: Disco Inerno; 17. Gagarin Way; 23-26. Dunfermline G&S: The Mikado; 28. Midge Ure: Uncovered; March 4. The New Squadronaires; 5. The Falcons; 7. We’ll Meet Again; 10. Craig Campbell; 16. The Fureys & Davey Arthur; 19. James Grant; April 1. Rollermania - Les McKeown; 15. Talon; 21. Sandy Thom.

Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Box Office (01334) 475000

January 28. Classic Clapton; 29., Fraser Fifield & Graham Stephen; February 1. Pride & Prejudice; 3. Women Behaving Badly; 4. Fife Jazz Festival: Mina Agossi Trio/Havana Swing; 5. Fife Jazz Festival: Fife Jazz Orchestra/Trio AAB; 11-12. Vanessa & Virginia; 17. Joni Keen Quartet.

Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

January 30. Sally Morgan; February 8. Brendan Cole: Live & Unplugged; 10-11. Singing I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim; 23. KT Tunstall; March 16-20. Jim Davidson; 27. Andy Parsons; April 22. Lenny Henry: A Musical Journey; 27. Ed Byrne.

The Green Hotel, Kinross

February 5. Rab Noakes & Fraser Speirs; 11. Fifestock: Benny Gallacher; 12. Fifestock: Colin Bluntstone Band; 15. Fifestock: Souped Up Fords; 16. Fifestock: The Blues Band; 17-18. Fifestock: Apart From Rod; 21. Fifestock: Budenzauber; 23. Fifestock: Marcus Bonfanti Band; 24-25. Fifestock: Henry McCullough Band; 26. Fifestock: Andy McKee; 28 & March 1. Fifestock: Ian McNabb; 2. Gwyn Aston Band; 3. Fifestock: Erja Lyytinen; 4 & 6. Fifestock: Trevor Burton Band; 7. Fifestock: Jackie Leven;


The KIng’s Speech (12A) Fri-Thurs 4:00, 6:30, 8:55

The Green Hornet (12A) Fri-Thurs 4:00

The Dilemma (12A) Fri-Thurs 6:20, 8:40

Megamind 2D (pg) Sat-Sun 2:00

Animals United (u) Sat-Sun 1:30


Animals United (U) Sat-Sun 1:00, 3:30, Mon 7:30, Wed 7:30

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers (12a) Fri-Sun 7:30, Tue 7:30, Thu 7:30


127 Hours (15) Wed-Thu 9:15

Black Swan (15) Fri -Thu 3:10, 6:05, 8:35; Sat 3:10; Sun 6:05; Mon 8:35

Gulliver’s Travels 3d (pg) Fri & Mon-Thu 2:15,4:15; Sat & Sun 11:30, 2:15, 4:15

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt1 (12a) Fri & Mon-Thu 7:40; Sat & Sun 11:00, 7:40

Hereafter (12a) Fri-Thu 2:5, 5:50, 8:45

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers (12a) Fri-Tue 4:40, 9:25

Morning Glory (12A) Sat & Sun12:45

NEDS (18) Fri-Thu 2:10, 5:10, 8:10

Tangled 2D (PG) Fri & Mon-Thu 2:00, 4:30, 7:00; Sat & Sun 11:30, 2:00, 4:30, 7:00

Tangled 3D (PG) Fri & Mon-Thu 2:45,3 :30, 5:15, 6:00, 8:40; Sat & Sun 10:30, 12:15, 1:00, 2:45, 3:30, 5:15, 6:00, 8:40

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of Dawn Treader 3D (PG) Sat & Sun 11:30

The Dilemma (12A) Fri-Tue 2:05, 6:50, 9:15

The Fighter (15) Wed-Thu 2:05, 4:30, 6;50, 9:15

The Green Hornet 3D (12a) Fri-Thu 6:15, 8:55

The King’s Speech (12a) Fri & Mon-Thu 3:00, 5:40, 8:25; Sat & Sun12:15 , 3:00, 5:40, 8:25

The Mechanic (12a) Fri-Thu 2:25, 6:25,9:00

Marmaduke (u) Sat & Sun 11:00

Red (12A) Wed11:45