Gilvenbank goodwill to the rescue

Susan McMillan and family who were rescued by Anne McConnell and staff at Gilvenbank Hotel.
Susan McMillan and family who were rescued by Anne McConnell and staff at Gilvenbank Hotel.

The superstition of bad luck on Friday 13th certainly rang true for one Glenrothes family recently when their dream move left them homeless.

Susan McMillan and her family had just packed the last of their worldly possessions into removal vans ready to be taken to their new home when disaster struck.

She received a phone call from her solicitor explaining there had been legal complications and they had no house to move into until the problems could be solved, possibly days later.

The catastrophy effectively left Susan, husband Barry and children Matthew (9), ten-year-old Jacqueline and Lori (11) standing in the street with nothing but the clothes they were wearing as everything else had been put in storage.

“It was your worst nightmare come true when we got the call in the afternoon saying that we could not move,” explained Susan.

She added: “We were only moving from Windygates to Leslie and into a house we were about to renovate so as stressful as a move is it should have been straightforward.

“The children could sense there was something seriously wrong and were distraught.”

By the evening it was clear the situation was not going to resolve itself so Susan started ringing hotels to see if they could find accommodation.

“Eventually the Gilvenbank Hotel in Glenrothes came to the rescue, they were fantastic and very sympathetic to our plight. They looked after everything for us and made sure that the children were made to feel comfortable, I can’t praise the staff highly enough,” said Susan.

It wasn’t until five days later, on Wednesday, before the McMillan family finally got the keys to their new home.

“We won’t be moving again any time soon that’s for sure, but thanks to the staff we survived the ordeal,” added Susan.

Staff at at the Glenrothes-based hotel were quick to comfort the McMillan family once they heard about their ordeal.

Anne McConnell, head housekeeper said: “It was clear straight away that the family had been through a distressing time and were left with nowhere to go.

“It was important that the children especially were made to feel comfortable and welcome.

“Staff are trained for all eventualities and that was reflected in how we were there for the family.”