Give it some welly!

St Monans wellies
St Monans wellies

IT’S one of the East Neuk’s more unusual, and colourful, attractions – the ‘Welly Walk’.

Set up on the old slipway in St Monans, the boot bouquets are the brainchild of villager Win Brown.

She had the idea last year and used her grandchildren’s old wellies, as well as a few pairs she begged from folk.

“People liked them,” Win explained, “plus they made people smile, which is something we all need just now.

“So I thought a bigger display this year would be good fun and I’d create a ‘welly walk’.”

Win enlisted the help of the nursery and school in the village to collect more wellies, plus issued an appeal through the parish kirk’s newsletter.

“The school gave me lots,” she added, “people gave me them and others were left on my door handle or down at the slip. I planted them all up and then, last term, some children from the nursery came down and put nasturium seeds in them to prolong the flowering into the late summer, early autumn.

“Children come down to see the wellies and how they are doing and like to walk around and inbetween them which was the original idea.

“Grown-ups walk inbetween them too. It is really nice to see.”

Win’s aim is to stretch the ‘Welly Walk’ down towards the high tide mark, so more wellies are desperately needed.

“People passing by, from all over the world, stop, laugh and smile and take photographs of them,” Win added, “so it’s good they are giving so much pleasure, especially when there is such doom and gloom around.

“People even ask if they are for sale.”

St Monans won gold in last year’s Beautiful Fife competition and is keen to retain that in this year’s judging on July 25 and and fare well in the Beautiful Scotland judging on July 30.

And Win hopes if there is a community resolve to make sure the village is free of litter, weeds and dog fouling, then St Monans will show it really has been putting some welly into its summer efforts.