Glen debate rumbles on

Soggy Letham Glen
Soggy Letham Glen
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A DOG walker from Leven has rebuked claims by Fife NHS that Letham Glen is free of a deadly bug because it has not been flooded for over six weeks.

That was the official line after a spate of dog illness sparked recent fears of an e.coli outbreak.

A health expert maintained the dogs had infected each other – no human cases had been reported.

However, visitors to the park were advised to maintain careful hand hygiene and wash down clothes and buggies.

Caroline Mitchell, who submitted the picture above, said: “The car park is still flooded. It was like a sheet of ice when I walked over it and the ground is soaking.”

She added: “It’s not the fault of the council and we don’t want to be scaring any people, but we are not idiots.

“These dogs are not smelling each other – they are soiling waterlogged areas and the bacteria never gets a chance to drain away.

“If it’s going to continue to rain like this summer and winter, and grounds become flooded on a regular basis, how do we protect ourselves?”