Glen team crafts a new way forward

Leaders and potential users of the Letham Glen Craft Centre - shortly to be renamed the Letham Glen Commuity Support Cetnre (picture by Steven Brown)
Leaders and potential users of the Letham Glen Craft Centre - shortly to be renamed the Letham Glen Commuity Support Cetnre (picture by Steven Brown)

A new team is at the helm of a well-known community building in one of Leven’s most attractive locations.

The Letham Glen Craft Centre is being run by a new team of leaseholders who hope to 
expand the range of activities it offers and guide the community towards arranging its 
own events and raising 

Main organiser Caroline Mitchell – with her daughter Ashley (28) and colleague Wilma McKenzie – collected the keys from Fife Council on Monday and hopes the building can reopen in August.

Some upgrades – such as kitchen modifications, door widening and a toilet suitable for wheelchair and disabled users – will be needed.

And the well-known hut will have a new name – Letham Glen Community Support Centre.

Discussions are already under way on how the premises can be taken forward for local people and the wider community.

Caroline (49), an experienced event organiser and fund-raiser, explained the new team hoped to increase the opportunities and attractions available at Letham Glen, adding to the arts and crafts for which it was already so well known.

It hoped to engage with more elderly groups and disabled visitors, and provide activities that a range of visitors could enjoy, encouraging a pride in the area and enhancing the Glen’s appeal as a place for people to go with their families.

The group was also keen to have seven-day opening and hoped the premises could be regularly booked around a 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. evening slot.

The leaseholders hoped to have a transport arrangement in place for user groups.

And, in agreement with the Tayside and Fife Disabled Ramblers, it was planned to introduce mobility vehicles to the Glen, improving visitor access.

A youth club for primary school pupils was another ambition.

Many local groups needed space and places to visit which were well served both indoors and outdoors, said Caroline.

The Glen was also a “healing” place and a good location for some peace and quiet.

“The future of the Centre depends totally on the community using the facilities, and not just Levenmouth – there are groups from Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy, and others coming through as well, with it being a tourist area,” said Caroline.

“What we aim to be is a service to the community.”

Local people could also take an initiative in organising and supporting events, she added.

The group was grateful to BRAG, the social enterprise specialists in Fife, for help with funding, while it was also seeking grant aid from the Millennium Trust and other sources.

The adventure and experience of a trip to Letham Glen, one of Levenmouth’s – and Fife’s – best visitor spots, would hopefully soon be enhanced now that new arrangements were in place, said Fife Council’s Levenmouth area services manager, Dave Paterson.

He said: “We are very pleased to see the Craft Hut coming back into use and feel the activities provided from the hut will be valuable in further promoting the amenity of this important green space for Levenmouth. We will work closely with the new leaseholders and support them in adding further value to the experience of visiting the Glen.”