Glenrothes area roads to get £2m investment

Members of the Glenrothes Area Committee were recently informed that due to the recent mild winter weather, the road improvements due to take place in Glenrothes and the rest of Fife over the next financial year will go ahead as planned.

The Glenrothes area will see £2million invested in 2012/13. This includes road and footpath upgrades, drainage improvements and street light replacements.

The financial year 2012/13 will also mark the start of the new Street Lighting Efficiency Project. This ‘spend to save’ lantern conversion project will see the old orange-coloured lights being replaced with new white ones that are more energy efficient. These will be fitted with variable lighting technology to enable the power to some lights to be reduced at the quiet times of night. This will cut energy usage by approximately 30%, and also decrease ongoing maintenance costs. The energy used to power Fife’s street lights accounts for 10% of the council’s carbon footprint, so this reduction in energy will go a long way towards making Fife the leading green council. The aim is to replace 42,000 lanterns in Fife over the next six years at a cost of £8.7million. This first year (2012/13) will see the replacement of 7,000 lanterns at a cost of £1.4million.