Glenrothes ‘bad apples’ plan to promote good image

The 'Bad Apples' receive their financial award
The 'Bad Apples' receive their financial award
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A group of young people from Glenrothes plans to put on a showcase for local bands later this year, reports KEVIN QUINN.

The youngsters, who call themselves ‘the Glenrothes Bad Apples’, meet weekly at the Glenrothes YMCA-YWCA to play and record music.

Now, having secured £2,000 from the recent council-funded Over to Youth scheme, the ‘Bad Apples’ are beginning to plan the youth event that they believe will promote a good image of young people in the area.

Youth participation worker Jennifer Knight has been working with them, she explained more about the Bad Apples.

She said: “They came up with the name themselves, I don’t know where it came from.

“We suggested that they apply for this money to put on a gig. I told them about the funding and they did the planning for their application.

“Some people that don’t play instruments and go there just to meet their friends could now get more involved too.

“They can help with the organisational side of things.

“They will get local bands to take part, but also play themselves.

“They are talking about putting it on in a music venue. It will be local young bands taking part.

“I guess they don’t want to be playing community centres all the time so this would be good for them to play in a proper music venue, like say for example the Greenside.

“They might move on from organising this. Once they do it they can build on that and maybe it could become a regular event.

“The money will be used for equipment, paying for a venue and other stuff like promotion.

“For what they are trying to do this is enough money.”

Jennifer recalled the night last October when the Bad Apples successfully pitched for the £2,000 funding at the Over to Youth event, when local youths applied for their share of £30,000 made available by the Glenrothes Area Committee.

“It was a really good night, she added. All the groups that did their presentations were fantastic.

“They were nervous but because it was something so different it was a learning process for everybody but really good and it was great to be involved in.

“We were all there on the night, they did really well. They are aged between 16 and 22, a group of about ten of them. They have been going to the Y for years and are a very strong group.

“They have great ideas and instinct in this because they know a lot of bands and they want to promote them.

“I started working with them around about the summer in 2011, they wanted to learn some committee skills and do their own events, so that’s where I came into it.

“A couple of them would like to organise things like this as a job but I don’t think it’s an easy thing to get involved in.”