Glenrothes Camera Club’s invite to local groups

Glenrothes Camera Club's exhibition takes place in May
Glenrothes Camera Club's exhibition takes place in May

Glenrothes Camera Club wants local groups to get in touch and play their part in a new photography exhibition.

The #LoveTo photography project aims to showcase and celebrate cultural activity across the UK with an exhibition which will take place in the Kingdom Shopping Centre, during Voluntary Arts Week (May 6-15).

It will also raise the camera clubs’ profile and show local people how they can get creative.

The #LoveTo photography exhibition is hosted as a digital gallery on Flickr, and aims to shine a spotlight on volunteer-led groups and individuals taking part in creative activities.

Glenrothes Camera Club and Voluntary Arts Scotland and Fife Cultural Trust, are taking part by photographing creative groups and individuals from the local area.

Photoshoots involve having a group portrait taken by a member of the club, with the group’s usual meeting/rehearsal space as the backdrop.

An information panel will be positioned next to each photograph at the exhibition, providing more information on the group and details of any upcoming performances or meetings that people can go along to.

Mick Strefford, secretary of the Glenrothes Camera Club said: “We have a dual role in this project - helping to promote creative groups to a wider audience while also showcasing our own photographic talents.

“We have photographers who specialise in a wide variety of photographic genres so will be able to produce a varied and interesting exhibition.”

All groups interested in getting involved should get in touch with Cassandra Barron at or 0131 561 7333.

Please include; group name and contact details (email and phone), address – your usual meeting place (with postcode), link to a website or Facebook page if you have one, and a preferred time/date for the photoshoot.