Glenrothes charity staff dress up for a drenching

Staff from the charity shop take part in the ice bucket challenge. PIC: FPA
Staff from the charity shop take part in the ice bucket challenge. PIC: FPA

An internet charity craze that’s swept the globe and involved everyone from former American presidents to celebrities and film stars, has reached the new town.

Known as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, it involves having gallons of freezing cold water poured over you while being filmed to raise funds and then following it with a nomination for others to do the same.

And at the weekend seven brave and hardy souls from the Glenrothes branch of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) charity shop duely lined up for a drenching with the aim of raising a few pounds and promoting a new in-store campaign.

The group soaking was a light hearted, if somewhat soggy, way in which to highlight the BHF’s new charity drive appealing for the public to fill a bag with unwanted clothing and other items to help raise funds to help children with heart-related illnesses.

Mary Richford, Glenrothes store manager and one of those who received a soaking said the watery antics had rounded off a great day for staff and volunteers who had been in fancy dress for the day.

Asked how her ‘dunking’ went she replied: “Cold!”

She added: “We had been in fancy dress all day meeting shoppers throughout the Kingdom Centre and handing out the special bags.

“After we’d closed the shop myself, Tanya, Stuart, Debbie, Michelle Kelly and Dan then lined up for the challenge.

“There were plenty of people willing to throw the buckets of water but while we were all a bit apprehensive it turned out to be a great laugh and all for a good cause.

“It was a good job we had a big pile of towels at the ready after we’d been drenched though,” laughed Mary.

Anyone wanting to donate can do so by collecting a bag from the shop in Lyon Square or by contacting the store on 01592-612707. Local collections can also be arranged.