Glenrothes chef comes second in culinary contest

Glenrothes chef Robbie Penman
Glenrothes chef Robbie Penman

A Scottish culinary team, which included a Glenrothes chef, has come second in the Welsh International Culinary Championships.

Robbie Penman, who works at Peebles Hydro, was one of seven members of the team from north of the border taking part in the event last month.

They were given three hours to cook a three course meal for 80 people at this year’s competition which saw them face teams from both Wales and England.

And the Scots returned home with a silver medal.

Robbie told the Gazette: “It was a very good result for us in Wales.

“There were just four single points between us and England, which is exciting because we’re a new team of guys and the guys from England have been a team together for four years already and competed together in the Culinary World Cup in 2014.”

For the competition, Robbie joined Bruce Lawrence (Entier), Orry Shand (The Chester), Craig Palmer (The Chester), Darren Seggie (City of Glasgow College), Gareth Linden (The Champany Inn) and Ross Murray (New Lanark Mill Hotel).

The contest, which is endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), was introduced in 2006.

Each year two other countries are invited to compete against the Welsh Culinary Team.

The team were pleased with their performance this year and enjoyed having the chance to compete.