Glenrothes councillor gives email scam warning

Ross Vettraino
Ross Vettraino

A Glenrothes councillor is warning residents to be aware of an email scam which purports to be from BT.

Cllr Ross Vettraino said he intended to inform the police after receiving the ‘scam’ email himself.

He said: “It purports to be from BT, but it isn’t. It’s a scam email and seeks to direct the recipient to a fraudulent website, where, I have no doubt, it will try to secure banking details.

“I would like to warn the local community. I will be advising the Police, but, in cases like this, there is little that they can do,” he said.

The email claims to come from BT Billing Department and tells the recipient that the company has been unable to process the recipient’s most recent payment of their phone bill.

It then asks that the recipient to confirm and update their personal information.