Glenrothes Cricket Club won’t be driven out ...

Vandalism at Glenrothes Cricket Club
Vandalism at Glenrothes Cricket Club

The chairman of Glenrothes Cricket Club has spoken of a vendetta against the organisation after it was once again the victim of vandalism.

The attack on the Gilvenbank Park premises followed the theft of the clubhouse keys after a training session.

Now club chairman Eddie Gibbs says he is wondering whether it is someone with a gripe against the club who is carrying out the vandalism.

“We hoped the move to the new ground from Riverside Park would be the end of it, as there were a few incidents while we were there.

“You begin to wonder if it’s someone with a vendetta against the club.”

The keys were stolen following a juniors training session on Tuesday.

“They’d opened a back door that we never use and took them, so we had to hire a security guard for the night,” Eddie said. “He reported that he had chased someone away at around 4.00 a.m.

“On Thursday we had all the locks changed which came to around £500. We then came in on Friday to find the place vandalised.”

The vandals ripped out water pipes, tord down the practice nets and had took a crowbar to a couple of windows to try to break in.

Eddie added: “They also took all the CCTV cameras with the exception of two, so they took the insides of them instead.”

Earlier this year practice pitch and nets were cut up, whilst at the club’s previous home in Riverside Park last year, anti-vandal panels were destroyed.

Eddie said whilst the costs weren’t too high this time it was still money the club doesn’t have.

“The move to the new park was expensive and we don’t have a lot of money left,” he said. “The security guard the other night was £200, that was on top of the £500 for the keys. It’s budget we don’t have.

“We know that ultimately it’s just a couple of idiots and you do wonder why they keep targeting the club.”

Councillor John Beare, who represents North Glenrothes, said: “There are really good people giving freely of their time and money to provide facilities, training and a positive environment for those from four to 74, and they are repaid like this. To say I am gutted and angry might be an understatement.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said that enquiries are ongoing.