Glenrothes Hospital Out-of-Hours Centre: Beare delighted the NHS board ‘has seen sense’

Cllr John Beare
Cllr John Beare

Councillor John Beare, whose ward the hospital is in, made a proposal at the Glenrothes Area Committee in November 2012 that NHS Fife maintained a primary care GP service at Glenrothes Hospital and it examined making enhancements by adding a Minor Injuries Unit.

The proposal was universally agreed.

He told the Gazette :“It was never tenable for NHS Fife to remove a GP service from a town with a population approaching 50,000.

“The NHS management in Fife has put this town through 18 months of unnecessary worry, and needs to carry out a full review of its practices in this skewed ‘consultation’ and how it reached its conclusions, in the face of near-total opposition.

“I am delighted that the NHS board has seen sense and overruled the management. I doubt this could have happened if the board was not elected by the people of Fife .

He added: “I welcome that the Board chose to support the principle of the motion I put to the Glenrothes Area Committee of the Council in November and I now hope the Board members will lead a full review of the services provided at Glenrothes Hospital, and how these can be enhanced.”