Glenrothes Hospital Out-of-Hours Centre: Now deliver the upgrade you promised

Glenrothes Hospital
Glenrothes Hospital

Following the successful campaign, politicians are now pressing NHS Fife bosses for a full upgrade to the retained provision.

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP Lindsay Roy welcomed the decision to reject the closure proposals at last week’s NHS Fife board meeting and is pressing for funding to improve the service to be sanctioned at the earliest possible opportunity.

“We now need to ensure NHS Fife carries out the necessary upgrading, as promised, to ensure the service will be fit for purpose in the future,” said Mr Roy.

He added: “We were assured that, if the decision was made to retain the service in Glenrothes, then the necessary work would be done.

“We now want details of the timescale and concrete plans about the nature of the work to be carried out.

“We are making it clear to NHS Fife that the investment must be allocated soon as a budget priority.”

Campaign partner, MSP Tricia Marwick, added: “NHS Fife has recognised that the service is safe, though some of the scare stories and selective statistics it used during the consultation may have led people to a different conclusion.

“We are determined that NHS Fife now lives up to its responsibilities to ensure that any minor work which it claimed needs to be carried out will be done as quickly as possible.

“We will not stand by and allow the run down of either the service or of Glenrothes Hospital.

“NHS Fife must now accept the decision of the board and work with us to ensure this service is secured for the future.”

The pair have now written to NHS Fife chairman Allan Burns, offering to work with his team in the interests of constituents.

“This has been a long and challenging campaign but Tricia and I presented a powerful case for retention and highlighted the many flaws in the management proposals,” Mr Roy told the Gazette.

“This was a defining moment for NHS Fife and lessons must be learned.

“We are delighted with the result of the board meeting and are now fully committed to ensuring the promises made to us are kept.”

The MSP was quick to praise the support of ordinary people throughout the town in helping to influence the campaign.

“It has been a campaign which has been supported by the whole community,” said Mrs Marwick.

“Working closely together, we really have made a difference. But there is still work to be done.

“ We cannot have a rerun of this campaign in another few years’ time and that is why we will continue to press NHS Fife to tell us what its plans are. “We want answers to our questions, and Lindsay and I have already indicated to NHS Fife that we will continue to work positively with it to meet the needs of our constituents.”