Glenrothes hosts police equality event

An initiative to ensure that Fife Police continues to drive forward its equality agenda and bring the force closer to all the communities in Fife has been launched at an event held at the force’s headquarters in Glenrothes.

The Disability Consultation Group has more than 20 representatives drawn from a range of agencies, services and community partners throughout the Kingdom and beyond.

Inspector Steven Hamilton, head of the community planning and equalities unit, said: “By consulting with experts and the community we serve, Fife Constabulary can identify and share disability equality best practice ensuring that all police functions, policies and procedures are inclusive and accessible to everyone.

“We also strive to ensure that we create an environment which provides equality of opportunity for every member of our community and remain responsive to their changing needs”.

Bill Wood, regional manager of Sense Scotland, said: “I positively welcome this opportunity to work collaboratively with Fife Constabulary to address the issues that disabled people face.”