Glenrothes man’s amazing return to ultra running

Stuart Duncan who has resumed running marathons after suffering a serious heart attack in February
Stuart Duncan who has resumed running marathons after suffering a serious heart attack in February

A Glenrothes man has made a remarkable recovery from a serious heart attack in February to running a gruelling ultra marathon just eight months later.

Stuart Duncan (57) of Dunbeath Drive had to be shocked 36 times after his heart stopped for half an hour on Monday, February 10 .

The keen runner had been in training for an ultra marathon and had ran 20 miles over the weekend when the heart attack happened.

He said: “It was just another normal day. I went to bed that evening and that’s all I remember until the following Saturday.”

Stuart, a social work assistant, spent a week in hospital and then once he was home began slowly to exercise once again as he started on the road to recovery.

“It was nothing silly, he said. “I built it up gradually and was talking about it with my doctor.

“I was going to rehab but I found that it was too slow for me. But of course you’ve got to do what’s right and proper so I asked my doctor if I could go to my local gym.

“I began walking once a week and began to gradually increase to a fast walk then a slow run.”

Stuart’s wife, Margaret said: “They had told him he wouldn’t run again until next year but he had other ideas!”

Since recovering, Stuart has ran nine half marathons and two ultra marathons; one in Speyside which was over 36.5 miles and on Saturday he completed the Jedburgh three peaks marathon over 38 miles in eight hours and 23 minutes.

“The very first race I did was a 10K on June 7 and I felt super after it.

“The Jedburgh hills were brutal which I knew they would be beforehand - I know them intimately now!”

Stuart’s ambition is to now complete 82 half marathons across Scotland, having already ran 69 of them.

Raising funds for heart awareness

Stuart’s marathon run at Jedburgh was run in aid of two deserving causes; the Scottish Ambulance Service as a thanks to the paramedics who worked on him when he suffered his heart attack and to raise money to possibly install a ‘shock box’ at Pitteuchar West Primary School.

He said: “They cost around £900 but the money would also be going to give the P6 and 7 pupils some heart start training. We’ve raised quite a bit so far and there’s some more to come.”

You can donate to Stuart’s Just Giving page at