Glenrothes models take to the skies!

Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club
Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

A select band of Glenrothes enthusiasts, who have been taking to the skies above the new town for over 50 years, are to display their craft in a special event next month.

Members of Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club will be joined by colleagues from other Fife clubs – including Dunfermline, Balbedie and Kinross – to display their trusty model aircraft in a special event in the town’s shopping Centre.

Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

The public will be allowed to get up close to a wide range of aircraft, many of which have been painstakingly hand-built from scratch, as members and enthusiasts gather to show off their prize machines, some with wingspans stretching over seven foot.

Callum Brown has been flight obsessed for as long as he can remember and has been a member of the new town club for 22 years.

“It’s the first time in decades that we’ve organised such an event and it’ll be a great chance for the general public to come and see what we do and experience some of the aircraft ‘in the flesh’,” said Callum.

The Glenrothes Club was formed in 1960, and has consistently had a healthy membership within the town.

Currently they have more than 60 regular members who attend events across the region.

The Glenrothes club is highly respected amongst the aeromodelling fraternity, and boasts a wealth of facilities including its own clubhouse and five-acre flying site with runway.

Traditionally, enthusiasts would build every aspect of their aircraft, but in the last decade, the hobby has seen a number of changes, explained Callum.

“In the past, many of those involved in flying their own model aircraft came from an engineering background having had to put together every aspect of their craft.

“Nowadays, because of cheaper imports and advancements in engine and battery technology, those newer to the scene don’t necessarily need those skills – many kits can be put together in a single evening.

“That has made it more accessible for the public and we’ve seen numbers of those involved increase, which is very encouraging,” he added.

And while those involved can spend thousands of pounds on their machines, Callum says entry level costs for those wanting to take up the hobby are more reasonable than ever.

“You can spend as much or a little as you want and just a few pounds will buy you an aircraft that you see in flight,” Callum explained.

The club has attended the Cardenden Gala for the last four years allowing the public to take control of an aircraft in flight with the use of a dual control system, known as a ‘buddy box’.

“That’s always a popular event for us, people love it and can’t believe how easily they can fly the planes,” said Callum.

The exhibition is at Lyon Square, Kingdom Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 15. For more details about the Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club and the hobby in general, visit their website at