Glenrothes MP calls for dismissal of Milldeans appeal

Milldeans Farm site Newcastle, Glenrothes
Milldeans Farm site Newcastle, Glenrothes

The town’s MP is calling on the Scottish Govenment to dismiss an appeal by developers who want significantly to expand the west of Glenrothes.

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP Peter Grant has written to the appointed chief reporter Lindsey Nicoll, voicing his concern for Hallan Land Management’s controversial plans to build around 300 homes on the Milldeans Farm site, adjacent to Newcastle precinct.

Mr Grant highlighted his concerns over emergency access, coalescence and the possible reversal of planning refusal made in November last year.

“Even if the development was acceptable in all other respects, the proposed use of Rosemount Road as the only vehicular access to the development represents strong grounds for refusal,” said Mr Grant.

“Rosemount Road is not a distributor road as it does not lead anywhere.

‘‘The whole of Newcastle precinct is effectively one large cul-de-sac.

“The current proposal would almost double traffic flows on Rosemount Road, leading to severe delays at Golf Course Road and the nearby South Parks Road junction, as well as leaving 700 homes with only one access route for emergency vehicles.”

He has further highlighted that a possible road access created via Milldeans Farm and Prinlaws Road in Leslie, would be, in his view, “wholly unacceptable”.

He felt it would further exacerbate the settlement coalescence between Leslie and Glenrothes, and would “simply move the traffic congestion to a different location”.

Residents in Newcastle, who have campaigned against the development since 2014, have welcomed the MPs support,

A decision on the appeal is expected in early April.