Glenrothes nurses raising funds for heart foundation

Samantha Cameron with Lucas & Kayden Grewar and Anne-Marie Fernie. Pic by FPA.
Samantha Cameron with Lucas & Kayden Grewar and Anne-Marie Fernie. Pic by FPA.

Two Glenrothes nurses are to hold an event to raise money for charity after both their families were blighted by heart disease.

Samantha Cameron (28) and Anne Marie Fernie, who both work at the Victoria Hospital have organised a ‘Wear It, Beat It’ event at Pitteuchar West Primary to raise moneyfor the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Both Anne Marie’s parents have heart problems whilst Samantha’s dad passed away in October 2014 whilst waiting for a heart transplant aged just 48.

“He had heart problems for six years and he spent the last two months in isolation in hospital waiting for a transplant but it never came.

“When my dad was in the hospital we had talked about raising money to look into genetic research but it was hard to sort of find the time as he was so ill.

“Since he passed away I have managed to get friends and family to sign up to the organ donor list and managed to which raised over £800 at his funeral.

“Soon after that my mum, our friends and I did the Glasgow Winter Warmer last year raised over £1000. All the money has gone to the BHF.’’

Samantha has kept in regular contact with the charity and has held jumble sales, donated clothes to her local branch of the charity and pays a monthly direct debit.

Her latest venture is now to hold a special fun day at her son’s school on February 5 raising money and awareness.

“As a nurse I will be spending the day at the school to talk to the children about ways to keep healthy and look after your heart.

“We are also doing free blood pressure checks and if the weather’s good a danceathon with the entire school.”

Anne Marie said she was delighted to help out at the event when Samantha asked.

“In my family there is an extensive cardiac history on my father’s side. All of his siblings apart from him and his brother have not lived past 60. Most have died through cardiac events.

“My mum had a heart attack a few years back and is now in the first stages of heart failure.

“My Dad just recently took a heart attack 14 weeks ago. “Both are still living but still live in fear of it happening again.

“I am always fundraising throughout the year and I am pleased to have this opportunity to raise as much as we can for the BHF.”