Glenrothes pensioner calls on council to cut back trees

The view from behind the houses.The view from behind the houses.
The view from behind the houses.
A Cadham OAP has called on Fife Council to cut back trees he claims are costing people money.

George Walkingshaw (66), who has lived on Lady Alice Path for more than 30 years, claims he could once look across Glenrothes town centre and to Raeburn Heights from his Cadham home.

However, he says the trees have been left to overgrow, blocking out the view and sunlight to the houses, meaning residents are having to pay out to light their homes in the evening during the middle of summer.

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He also claims the trees have damaged the nearby paths, causing an uneven surface.

“We’ve continuously asked for the trees to be cut back but nothing has happened,” he told the Gazette. “I want the council to do something about the trees.

People are having to put their lights on during the day.”

He also fears that the uneven path behind the houses could lead to someone falling.

He added: “And the paths are dangerous. People could trip over them.

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“I know a couple who struggle walking. One of these times they are going to trip over the slabs.

“It’s disappointing that this has been allowed to happen.”

Brian Taylor, area officer, said: “As the recently appointed Fife Council tree specialist I will be going to meet the tenant and inspect the trees. Fife Council’s approach is consistent and inline with the British Standard Institute guidelines. After the inspection a course of action will be agreed according to the guidelines.”