Glenrothes police officers see highest crime detection rates: watch clip

Fife Constabulary recently confirmed its end of year crime figures in what has been another very successful period for the Force with recorded crime reducing by 4.3 per cent or 797 crimes in the last year.

Crime in Fife is now at the lowest levels since modern crime recording standards were first set in 2004 and in that period has almost halved, having fallen by 49%.

At the same time the detection rate has risen to 60% - which will be one of the highest rates ever achieved by any Police Force in Scotland - and in the Glenrothes area it is even higher at 65%

From a local perspective, local area Chief Inspector Charlie Duncan this week reflected on performance in his area over the past year and also set out his vision for the 2012/13 period.

He said: “Glenrothes has experienced the highest detection rates relating to reported crime since the introduction of Community Policing. It currently stands at 65% which is in the main down to the superb efforts of my staff and our continued focus on taking policing closer to the community. Reported crime is again significantly down on last year, with joint working with partner agencies and public assistance playing a significant part in this success.”

“Anti-social behaviour has reduced significantly with a quarter less incidents reported in the past 12 months than the previous year. We have achieved particular success in this area and that of tackling street disorder and associated crimes with high visibility patrols in areas with significant problems.

“The dynamics of the Glenrothes locality saw crimes of vandalism against private and public property becoming a public concern. Our approach was to introduce a dedicated resource to this particular area of policing and along with assistance from community wardens, closer school liaison with pupils and public assistance we have seen an increase in the overall detection rate by 17%. The community officers and dedicated School Liaison Officers have rolled out a number of local initiatives to inform the age group concerned how the impact their actions are having on the wider community.”

“I am acutely aware of the problems which drugs causes within our community. I was born and brought up in Glenrothes and the social impact of those involved in drug abuse is a huge financial burden on our community. I am committed to tackling these individuals and the misery they bring to local residents. I have supported local and Force initiatives which has seen Drugs with a value of over £98,000 recovered during operations to target those who attempt to profit from the misery which drugs abuse brings to our community. Much of this work would not have been possible without our relationship with the public who provide information to assist in the detection of criminals responsible for drug distribution in Glenrothes. These efforts will be continued into 2012 and I would ask the public to support our efforts in this area by reporting any concerns they have thorough local measures and the Crimestoppers hotline.