Glenrothes Police smash organised crime gang

Operation Worship - police target organised crime gang in Glenwood Centre Glenrothes
Operation Worship - police target organised crime gang in Glenwood Centre Glenrothes
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Police say they have smashed a major organised criminal gang suspected of supplying Class A drugs such as heroin in Glenrothes.

Five “lieutenants” in the gang were arrested during a series of co-ordinated raids that focused on the Macedonia and Glenwood areas of town early on Tuesday morning.

As the Gazette went to press on Tuesday, all five were in police custody awaiting charges in connection with supplying Class A drugs and serious domestic abuse.

The raids and subsequent arrests mark the culmination of several months worth of police work that specifically targeted the gang which is believed to have been operating within certain areas of the town for a number of years.

Chief Inspector Derek McEwan said he believed the arrests will lead to a reduction in offences.

“We have taken a proactive approach to target the criminal element that has been operating within Glenrothes,” he said.

“This has resulted in a number of key arrests being made which will help us in the fight to stamp out the problems of criminality that exist within the town.”

Amongst the arrests were two men, aged 32 and 44, one man is expected to appear at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court tomorrow (Wednesday) in connection with alleged offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Around 30 officers were involved in Operation Worship aimed at targeting and disrupting the activities of a serious and organised crime group which has been operating within the local area.

CI McEwan added: “For too long the residents and businesses of Macedonia and the Glenwood Centre areas have felt intimidated by the activities of a group of individuals intent on bringing misery to the local community through Class A drug supply, violence and anti social behaviour.

“For several months now we have, in a co-ordinated manner, investigated a group of individuals intent on criminality within these communities.

“This operation today, which is only the start of the proactive work we are going to be doing in this area, has led to a number of key lieutenants from the group being captured and reported for being concerned in supply of controlled drugs.

“At the same time it targeted people involved in domestic and sexual abuse as well as serious violence and dishonesty.

“Our investigation has already seen significant success and our activities today should reinforce to both the criminals and the vast majority of decent members of the public that any level of criminality will not be tolerated. 

“I would like to emphasise to the public that the action today is part of an ongoing operation which has seen the activities of an organised group of criminals being dismantled through a cohesive intelligence led approach.

“This activity will continue and I would warn any individual intent on engaging in such criminal activity that they will be targeted.

“During this particular operation I have been able to call upon specialist resources throughout Scotland, which with the formation of Police Scotland, are now available to assist us in taking the fight to serious and organised crime gangs in Fife.

“I would finally like to thank and pay tribute to the vast majority of decent members of the public who have raised their concerns with us and supported my officers in all that we have achieved.”