Glenrothes residents complain over poor bin service

One resident left this angry response
One resident left this angry response

A bin collection service designed to help disabled residents is being branded a failure following a growing number of complaints.

Peter Scobie, chairman of Pitteuchar, Stenton and Finglassie Community Council has told the Gazette that the system is “bureaucracy gone mad”, claiming refuse collection crews are refusing to empty bins of some residents as part of the ‘take out and return service’ because, he says, to access gardens and passageways could be a risk to health and safety.

Mr Scobie has now called upon Fife Council to sort out its policy once and for all after a distraught Balmanno Green resident came to him in tears on two occasions after suffering ten months of continued problems and failed collections.

And he has criticised local politicians for failing to respond to call to help him in his quest to get answers for disgruntled residents.

“People have been given excuses such as back gardens being too dark and collections from passageways being a risk to health and safety. It’s a nonsense,” said Mr Scobie.

He added: “One resident said bin crews had failed to collect on seven consecutive weeks. I’ve emailed the concerns of a number of residents to councillors in the ward and to the MP but have yet to have a response which is very disappointing.

“Some people are clearly deeply upset at the amount of problems they have encountered.”

Responding to the claims Fife Council said it was unaware of multiple issues regarding the service in that area - and urged residents to contact then directly if they are experiencing problems .

Martin Kingham, service manager said: “In July, we responded to an enquiry from a resident in Balmanno Green and agreed to tailor the service to meet her specific needs.

“We have confirmed the servicing arrangement and have placed it under close supervision and I can confirm that the resident’s bins are routinely collected on the scheduled collection day.

“If anyone feels we have fallen short of their expectations, we have an easy to use system to lodge complaints using the same phone number or web address.

“Our supervisory team deals with these promptly whenever we receive them.”