Glenrothes Riverside Park plans going well

Margaret Reilly of Take a Pride in Glenrothes group at Riverside Park
Margaret Reilly of Take a Pride in Glenrothes group at Riverside Park

Plans to improve Riverside Park in Glenrothes and make it more attractive to visitors are on course, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Take a Pride in Glenrothes recently held a public consultation called ‘Ur Park U Decide’ to find out what local people wanted to see improved at the town centre park.

Margaret Reilly from the council-run group explained more about it, and a competition for schoolchildren to design totem poles to be placed in and around the park.

She said: “We are very happy with it. It was very positive, people looking at wee bits that could be done. We got lots of constructive ideas. A lot of it is also little tidy-up bits.

“We will hopefully have them up over the next three or four months. But certainly between now and May for example it should really be finished.

“We want it done before the summer.

“We are looking to get a wee competition up and running with the schools over the next few weeks. All the schools will be asked to submit drawings of a totem pole.

“It’s just keeping the kids involved in the park plans and letting people know.

“This could be a bigger project in the future, but for the moment there is only going to be five totem poles.

“We think they will go at the new heritage artwork, situated at the Lidl entrance to Riverside Park.

“We could also use them to point folk towards park attractions.”

As well as the public consultation, Take a Pride in Glenrothes have also set up the ‘Friends of Riverside Group’ to keep an eye on the park.

Margaret added: “We have got our first meeting next week. We have got genuine people involved. Eight folk have agreed to be part of the group. I have got high hopes for it.

“They are very keen and enthusiastic, that’s what the park needs. They will be able to get things organised in the park and make better use of it.

“They could maybe act as wardens, but that’s up to them.

“The signposting being upgraded is all of part of stuff Take a Pride were doing anyway. But, it’s good to know that is what folk wanted.

“As for toilet facilities. We hope to get a surveyor out over the next couple of months to see where it should go.

“We want to have a toilet-come-cafe near the pond.

“We are hoping it will be a prototype for sustainability, it will have solar power and wind panels. It should run itself.

“Even the metal will be environmentally friendly. If we are going to do it lets do it properly.”