Glenrothes teen’s haircut boost for charities

Chloe prepares for the chop. Pics: FPA
Chloe prepares for the chop. Pics: FPA
  • Waist length hair gets the chop
  • Charities close to family’s heart
  • Over £400 raised

A Glenrothes teen has braved the hairdressers scissors in a bid to raise money for two charities that are close to her heart.

Chloe Donaldson (15) decided to get her waist-length hair cut into a stylish long bob and donate the proceeds made to CLASP and The Little Princess Trust.

Chloe received the chop at Kirkham Hairdressing in Glenrothes, and her mum Wilma Donaldson could not be more proud.

“She has done so well and she is loving her new haircut,’’ she said. ‘‘That was always the worry - that she wouldn’t like it when it was done but that’s not the case.’’

It all started with Chloe deciding to get her hair cut and donate a bag full of her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Wilma explained: “It really has just snowballed.

Chloe before ...

Chloe before ...

‘‘She has also managed to raise well over £400 for CLASP at the same time.’’

Both charities mean a lot to Chloe and her family as Wilma’s nephew suffered from leukemia at a really young age and needed extensive chemotherapy.

As a result, he lost his hair for good and now relies on wigs.

“It has been just fantastic that Chloe has been able to help out both these charities and pay them back in a way for helping us out when we needed them.

She hadn’t been near a hairdresser for a good couple of years

Chloe’s mum Wilma

“She started thinking about getting her hair cut about four weeks ago - she hadn’t been near a hairdresser for a good couple of years,” Wilma said.

“We told her to take the time to think about it and make sure that it definitely was what she wanted.

“She came back and said that it was and that she wanted to do something to help both charities.

“So, we made an appointment at the hairdressers and that’s it - she now has lovely short hair that she loves and can help others out at the same time.

...and after.

...and after.

“I really am so proud of her for doing this,” Wilma added.

The Little Princess Trust - using real hair for children’s wigs

The Little Princess Trust was launched in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, along with help from friends and from Hannah’s school, Hereford Cathedral Junior School after she was diagnosed with having a Wilms tumour.

After Hannah passed away in 2005, so many kind people offered help, financial and practical.

Hannah’s parents, Wendy and Simon decided that the most fitting way to use this help was to launch a charity dedicated to providing specialist real hair children’s wigs.

The charity donates wigs to thoudands of boys and girls who need them due to cancer treatment each year.

The real hair wigs that the Trust provide are free to children that they assist, if it supplies a wig made from hair donated by those that support the charity and to fundraisers like Chloe who donate their own hair to help others who need it.

For more information on the Little Princess Trust, you can visit