Glenrothes victim’s new theft warning

Residents warned to lock doors and windows following more sneak thefts.
Residents warned to lock doors and windows following more sneak thefts.

A Glenrothes mother of four has warned of the dangers of not locking doors after sneak thieves struck at her home while the family lay asleep.

Gerri Dunn has told the Gazette how opportunist thieves stole iPods, a handbag, medication and money from her home in the early hours of Wednesday morning (April 29) as the family slept unaware.

“I want to warn people to not make the same mistake we made and to make sure doors and windows are locked, especially at night” said Gerri.

“It’s frightening to know someone has been in our home while we were asleep, going through our belongings.’’

Other homes in South Parks and Rimbleton have been also been targeted by thieves who took advantage of unlocked doors to enter homes to steal property.

Police have once again called on the public to remain vigilant and to make homes secure following the latest spate of thefts in the Glenrothes area.

Inspector Derek Paxton reiterated the police’s appeal for people to keep doors and windows are locked and to make sure homes, garages and sheds are made secure before going to bed.

“Thieves are much more likely to enter a property if they find it unlocked rather than forcing entry and an opportunist theft of a handbag, car keys and other easily transportable items can be carried out in seconds,” said Inspector Paxton.

The latest thefts follow recent similar incidents in Markinch as well as in communities in the west of Glenrothes including South Parks and Caskieberran.

Community Sergeant Kenny Greig added: “It is all about making it as hard as possible for thieves to gain entry to your property.

“There are a few simple measures that everyone can take that will help to ensure that they and their home stay safe and secure during the hours of darkness including checking all doors and windows are locked at night and that all sheds and garages are also made secure before people go to bed.

“We want to people to be security conscious and to report any unusual circumstances or persons acting suspiciously. They can call us direct on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111,” he added.