Glenrothes war memorial cameras finally installed - two years late

Damage caused by vandals to the Glenrothes War Memorial in April 2013
Damage caused by vandals to the Glenrothes War Memorial in April 2013

Cameras designed to deter vandals at the town’s war memorial have finally been installed, over two years after residents raised the money pay for them.

Donations amounting to over £3000 flooded into a public collection following widespread outrage when vandals desecrated the memorial and wrecked several spotlights in May 2013.

Since then members of Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants Associated have been urging the police, who oversee the use of CCTV cameras within the town, to have the equipment installed.

Frustrations were brought to a head earlier this year when the tenants group made a complaint following the continuing delays.

David Nelson, Association secretary told the Gazette he is relived the the cameras have now been put in place.

He added: “It has been a farce from day one. We’ve continuously been fobbed off with various reasons as to why the installation has been delayed.

“The public demanded these cameras and even dug deep to pay for them.

“In the end we made contact with the department directly responsible for the cameras and demanded that they be fitted in time for this year’s Remembrance Sunday event.

“Thankfully they have now, finally, come up with the correct equipment that the public have paid for and they have now been installed.”