Glenrothes woman backs organ donation campaign after losing her mum

Nikki Bisset and her late mother Frances
Nikki Bisset and her late mother Frances

A Glenrothes woman has spoken of how she remembers her mum with so much pride, a year on from her sudden death.

Nikki Bissett lost her mother Frances (63), on Mother’s Day last year after she suffered a brain haemorrhage.

When the family were approached about organ donation, Nikki and her father agreed knowing it’s what Frances would have wanted. 

A year on, they are hugely proud that the person they loved most, went on to save the lives of three others.

Backing the Organ Donation campaign, Nikki hopes others will be encouraged to discuss their organ donation wishes with loved ones.

Recounting the 24 hours that changed her life Nikki (39) said: “I’d spoken with mum at 5.30 p.m in the evening, and she was getting ready for a night out with my dad and aunt and uncle. 

I knew it’s what she would have wanted

Nikki Bissett

“By 7.15pm, the call came that I was to get up to the house fast.  Mum had popped upstairs to get her cardigan and dad heard a massive thud.

“When he shouted up there was complete silence.   She’d fallen behind the bedroom door, and when he got to her, he knew it was serious.”

An ambulance was called and she was transferred to the Victoria Hospital.  The next morning, when the family were told no more could be done, they were approached about organ donation.

Nikki said: “Mum was such a giving person, something just clicked inside and I knew it’s what she would have wanted.  But with all the shock and upset I didn’t know where dad was with it all.  He said mum would have wanted us to agree.  I felt such relief and we hugged each other and cried.

“After agreeing, I remembered a conversation I’d had with mum when I was a teenager. She’d said if anything had happened to her, they could take what they liked, except her eyes so she could see where she was going, which was just the type of thing she would say.

“We learned three males had received mum’s kidneys and her liver.  When we got the letter from one of the recipients, I was as proud as punch.   Knowing that she wanted to help others really helped us make peace with it all.  My mum did an amazing thing.”

Joining the donor register...

There are currently around 550 people in Scotland waiting on a life-saving transplant.

With three people in the UK dying every day waiting on a transplant, joining the NHS Organ Donor Register and talking through your decision with family can help save lives.

To find out more or to join the NHS Organ Donor Register, visit