Glenrothes woman’s orphanage tour

Sharon Main at the day care centre she worked at in South Africa for six weeks
Sharon Main at the day care centre she worked at in South Africa for six weeks

A Glenrothes woman has been describing her six weeks in South Africa working with local children, reports Kevin Quinn.

Sharon Main raised over £2,000 to take with her on her trip to help children in the poorer parts of the rainbow nation.

However, once there Sharon realised that her help could be better used somewhere other than the Baphumelele Orphanage in Cape Town where she originally planned to help out, as it had plenty of international help already.

She said: “I did two weeks at the orphanage then I kind of thought, ‘what am I going to do here’. They didn’t need me.

“A woman I went on a tour with told me about a day care centre. I thought it would be best to help them if I could. It stemmed from there and I’m really grateful to her for introducing me to that centre.

“It was a little day centre ran by a couple in Cape Town- Bonteheuwel, it basically had nothing. Very little provisions.

“There was about 35 children there while their parents went out to source work.

“They rely on church funding and donations. What they have got is well spent on the children. The community is very poor. It was very grim, what they call a township.”

Sharon explained that it was difficult for her to spend money on the day care centre.

She added: “I was limited with what I could buy them. If I bought them something big, say an electrical item, it would be stolen at the weekend. A lot of the money I took went on food which were locked in the cupboards.

“I have come back with money, about £1,000. I will put a bit in to their account each month to pay for essentials and running costs.

“It was a fabulous time there though. The kids are great. Just typical kids- cheeky and happy.

“They spoke perfect English, although they had great difficulty with the Scottish accent!

“Because they are pre-school it was reading and colouring-in. And I spent sometime outside singing songs.

“Maybe in the future it would be great to go back. I’m thinking of maybe having another fund-raiser at the CISWO in April, as it was great last time.”