Glens exhibition sparks glory day memories

Ian Ferguson from Freuchie with the Cowdenbeath Junior Cup - which his grandfather won in 1927
Ian Ferguson from Freuchie with the Cowdenbeath Junior Cup - which his grandfather won in 1927

A chance flick through the Gazette has helped a Freuchie man bridge an 87-year gap back to his grandfather.

Offshore worker Ian Ferguson was back in town visiting family when he chanced upon a recent Gazette article reporting the 50th anniversary exhibition currently on show at the town’s Heritage Centre.

His attention was caught by the mention of the Cowdenbeath Junior Cup, one of the main exhibits from the Glens’ trophy cabinet.

Childhood memories came flooding back for Ian who knew of the trophy through the many tales and cup final exploits his grandfather, Alexander Ferguson, had told him, but had presumed it had long since disappeared.

A trawl through some of his grandfather’s most treasured possessions, left to Ian when Alexander passed away, confirmed that he had indeed won the competition with Dunnikier JFC on two occasions in 1927-28 and 1930-31.

“When I read the article I couldn’t believe that the trophy was still in existence,” said Ian.

“I grew up reliving those stories of footballing glory and he’s the reason for my love of the sport to this day.”

A visit to the exhibition saw Ian reunited with the silverware nearly 90 years after his grandfather had held it triumphantly aloft.

“To know my grandfather celebrated with his pals after winning this very trophy and to be given the chance to touch it many years later is very special indeed,” said an emotional Ian.

Linda Ballingall, Heritage Centre chairman, said it was moments like this that made the effort by volunteers to host such exhibitions worth while.

“It’s special for us too,’’ she said. ‘‘It’s another link with local history and it’s a pleasure to be able to help someone like Ian make that connection with his family’s past.”

To help with the exhibition Ian has now loaned Heritage Centre staff his father’s 1927 winners medal, a schoolboy cap from 1913 and a number of historic photographs.

Ian’s grandfather’s memorabilia, along with a substantial collection of Glenrothes Juniors items, will remain on display at thec entre until the end of July.