‘Go’ has town’s 70th in mind

Slow start for Go Glenrothes
Slow start for Go Glenrothes

A 70th birthday celebration to remember - that’s the ultimate goal of the ‘Go Glenrothes’ campaign which aims to put the town back on the map.

But there is much work to do for that goal to be achieved if the turn out of last week’s public meeting is anything to go by.

It has the potential to really shake things up

Cllr Fiona Grant

Just 22 people, including only four of the ten current Glenrothes councillors, including Fiona Grant, Altany Craik and Ross Vettraino, attended the Lomond Centre meeting to discuss ideas and form a steering committee to spearhead the initiative.

With an initial £50,000 of funding and more to follow, the desire to give the town a web presence through social media and create an events strategy that will attract people into Glenrothes, is certainly an achievable one according to those who were present.

But it was admitted, there was much to do if those volunteers who will be involved are to break the apathy currently experienced for such a project.

Cllr Craik told those present the community groups and individuals of all ages needed to be involved to help build a new impression of Glenrothes and what it has to offer.

Dr Bob Grant, chairman of the Glenrothes Area Futures Group added that the campaign needed to build upon many of the facilities such as the sports centre, theatre, cinema and Riverside Park, as well tap into local businesses, large and small, to back what would be something of a “town relaunch”.

Those about to be involved in the initiative now have just under three years to build momentum with the target of a huge celebration in summer 2018 to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the formation of the new town in June 1948.

On each of it its previous landmark anniversaries Glenrothes has witnessed everything from royal visits to town-wide galas and the campaign will need to draw inspiration from what had worked best in the past as well as develop a number of new innovative ideas.

Afterwards Cllr Grant said: “With £100,000 of public money it has the potential to really shake things up.

“I urge all those who have ever moaned about ‘nothing being on’ or the state of the town centre to put their time where their mouth is and become involved.”