Godmother’s poetic tribute to Stephen

Stephen McCann
Stephen McCann

A GLENROTHES woman has penned a touching tribute to her late godson, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Brenda Conway has written a poem in memory of Stephen McCann, who died early this year after an incident on the outskirts of Leslie.

Brenda with her poem in memory of Stephen

Brenda with her poem in memory of Stephen

The retired teacher said she has turned to verse as a way of expressing her grief and keeping her loved one’s memory alive.

Brenda, Beechwood Avenue, explained: “I am Stephen’s godmother and his aunt - his father Frank is my brother - and he is called after my husband who is his godfather.

“We don’t have any family of our own and my husband and I have always been very close to my brother and his family.

“I’m quite a bit older than him and our Mum died quite young, so I have always been like the big sister.

“My husband and I have been there for him, Cheryl, Stephen’s Mum, and the rest of the family.

“Stephen’s death has affected the whole family, as you can imagine - it’s been traumatic for all of us.

“I wanted to do something to express my emotions and to keep Stephen’s memory alive.

“I have dabbled in writing poetry for quite a while, nothing serious, just for family and friends, but I thought I would try and write something and this is it.

“There are still quite a few tributes being laid at his grave in Leslie Cemetery and I may get the poem laminated and placed there.” Stephen - who was known to friends as Jeff - was 20 years-old when he passed away and fundraising is ongoing to raise £1,200 to buy a memorial bench to be sited at the Back Braes.

Stephen died after an incident involving a car on the A911, about 100 yards east of the Greenside on January 21.

Two people have since appeared in court.

Brenda’s poem, ‘Goodnight Stephen’, contains nine verses.

In one she writes: “I will never forget you my beautiful boy/I will try to hold on to your laughter and joy,” and in another “Why did this happen, I will ask every day?/Is there a God, why did he take you away.”

Goodnight Stephen

The time we had was short but sweet.

I’d cherished your smile whenever we’d meet.

The hugs that you gave me were so strong and tight.

I’d hold you and squeeze you with all of my might.

You sent a glow straight into my heart.

From the day you were born - yes right from the start.

Your zest for life was always so clear.

And people would smile when you were near.

The times that we shared in my heart I will treasure.

You gave me joys that no-one could measure.

You were blessed with a good, loving soul.

And showed much kindness to both young and old.

You were no angel, we know that is true.

You enjoyed being crazy like all young men should do.

But you bore no malice, you were never cruel.

You could hold down your own, you were nobody’s fool.

With the ladies you were number one.

You made them laugh, you were always fun.

You could charm the birds right off the trees.

And no matter what - you tried to please!

You were so handsome and so full of fun.

But you were only just twenty! Your life just begun!

Why did this happen? I will ask every day.

Is there a God? Why did he take you away?

All I can do now is remember your face.

And believe that you’ve gone to a much better place.

I pray that you’re happy and with those who love you.

And your being looked after. I know this is true!

I will never forget you my beautiful boy.

I will try to hold on to your laughter and joy.

Just now my heart is broken, the pain won’t go away.

But I know I’ll feel happiness again someday.

I can’t say `Goodbye’, it wouldn’t be right.

I will always love you so I’ll just kiss you `Goodnight’.