Golden girls’ success at the YOSCARs

Girls R Gold
Girls R Gold

GIRLS R Gold, based at Kirkland High School in Methil, are celebrating a YOSCAR triumph.

The fitness-conscious females won an award for health at the recent Fife Youth Work Awards.

The ‘Youth Work Oscars, or ‘YOSCARS’, celebrate the varied accomplishments of young people.

The self-named Girls R Gold formed around 18 months ago after a lunchtime market place event at Kirkland, which suggested girls attending the school were looking to be active, but not succeeding.

The group – which is always open to new members – was set up by Fife Council’s Active Schools and supported by Sports Development and Health Promotion.

The girls meet weekly to take part in sessions encouraging participation in a range of sport and physical activity opportunities – thereby raising awareness of what’s available in the community for them.

With 15-20 people turning up each week, and over 40 participants throughout the whole programme, the attendees have formed an important community resource.

Active Schools co-ordinator Jennifer Mann explained: “Through participation, girls were encouraged to adopt a healthier attitude towards physical activity and sport.

“By providing a platform where girls could comfortably discuss any issues, it was hoped they would increase levels of confidence and self-esteem, as well as develop social and communication skills.

“The girls, latterly, decided to invite their mums, aunties and/or grandmothers along to sessions,” added Jennifer.

“It is well documented the influence female relations have on the family, in terms of physical activity and behaviour patterns.”

The group was also extended to younger female family members and friends from local primary schools.