Golfers’ eco-action pays off

Crail Golfing Society
Crail Golfing Society

Crail Golfing Society is benefiting to the tune of £33,000 a year as a result of investing in energy saving heating and power systems, beating the forecast benefit by over 10 per cent.

The Society last year replaced its oil burning boiler with a biomass equivalent and installed electricity generating solar panels on the clubhouse and maintenance shed roofs. This, along with improved insulation and timer switches, cost the Society £130,000.

“It was a very big investment for us, but the results have clearly justified it,” said Eric Morris, captain of Crail Golfing Society.

“The financial gains are comfortably above our forecast in the first year and, as they are expected to rise over the coming years, it should only get better.”

The £33,000 benefit enjoyed by the Society over the past year is a combination of government incentive payments, lower costs and a reduction in energy usage, and mean the Society will recoup its investment in four years. The incentive payments will continue for 20 years, but the energy saving benefits will go on for ever.

“As well as being to our financial benefit, we are reducing our carbon footprint, helping to improve the environment for future generations,” added Mr Morris.

Crail Golfing Society is a member-owned club which is the seventh oldest in the world at 228 years old. It owns two courses: Balcomie Links and Craighead Links.

The Society has a worldwide membership of over 1400 and attracts almost 10,000 visitor rounds each year.